David Michael Barr

Google countdown

05 Apr, 2011 – Canberra

Some pretty big stuff has been going on behind the scenes lately. I have received an offer to work as a new graduate software engineer with Google. The application process took about six weeks from first contact to formal offer and was a lot of fun. The two major consequences of accepting the offer are having to say goodbye to Cordelta, the great little company that has employed me for over three years now, and to Canberra, the city I have called home for the past seven years. I’m really going to miss the time spent with the people in both.

At Matthew Nourse’s request, I have added a gimmicky javascript countdown timer to my home page so that you can track how long until I start my new job. Adam Zegelin has complained about the hacky CSS styling, so I welcome any patches to make it more sexy. In hindsight, it’s of more interest to some when my current job ends, so I might add a counter for that too.